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Headquarters address£ºShanghai pudong new area to show the way151NumberBBuilding5Floor


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Dimensions of the news
2019Shanghai entire floor intelligence council for the promotion of environmental protection industry(Shanghai association of floor)The founding conference
2019Years3Month27Day£¬Launched by our participation in Shanghai the whole floor intelligence council for the promotion of environmental protection industry(Shanghai association of floor)Was formally established in Shanghai with the approval of the ministry of civil affairs£¬We are the rotating President of the unit¡£
A new starting point£¬The new road£¬Shanghai the second production base dimension be born in changsha, hunan province
2019Years4Month21Day£¬Shanghai dimension is leadership and regional head to hunan£¬A second production base(Changsha dimension new material technology co., LTD)The foundation stone laying ceremony¡£????In the morning10Points18Points£¬The official start of the ceremony????Base is located in the state-level economic development zone in hunan liuyang£¬Base covers an area of nearly40m£¬The geographical position is superior£¬Traffic developed¡£Introduce a full set of automatic production equipment£¬Annual production capacity30000Tons¡£????????In the base plan2020Early operation and put into operation£¬Stay tuned¡£
Dimension2019Case sharing| Zunyi new landmark??Zunyi medical college second affiliated hospital
Dimension2019Case sharing| Zunyi new landmark??Zunyi medical college second affiliated hospital
Shanghai with good assembly dimension2019Strategic cooperation agreement in floor coating engineering

Industrial floor

The dimension of traditional floor series includes economic system£¬Solventless epoxy self-leveling system£¬Anticorrosion esd system£¬Waterborne epoxy system system£¬The metal¡¢Non-metallic wear-resistant hardener¡¢One-component water infiltration sealant system£¬The color sand system£¬Solventless epoxy color sand self-leveling£¬Self-leveling cement system£¬Polyurethane elastic motion system£¬The parking floor coating system 

Business floor

Dimension epoxy millstone brand - Yue stone£¬Widely used in the science-education-culture-health contractor, and many other areas of public space¡£Has the environmental protection¡¢Color is rich¡¢Aggregate multivariate¡¢Strong artistic shaping force£¬It can realize the private ordering, etc


       Dimension chemical industry was established2008Years4Month£¬Full name is the dimension of Shanghai chemical technology co., LTD£¬English id£ºWedo£¬The implied meaning£ºI do£¬I want to do£¬We do it together¡£¡°Wedo¡±Is specialized in polymer concrete protective materials of high-tech joint-stock enterprises¡¢Set research and development¡¢Production¡¢Design¡¢Sales¡¢Apply on body,The products include¡ÃFloor coating¡¢Wall coatings and special industrial coatings, etc¡£With global brands( Sherwin- Williams)In the field of high-end commercial floor has established long-term strategic cooperative partnership¡£One of them,Yue stone¡²Also called epoxy millstone)Floor with its beautifully designed¡¢Smooth seamless¡¢Durable¡¢The characteristics of private custom and popular design and the owner's approval¡£Development up to now£¬Yue stone flagship series¡¢Optimization and facade series has been successfully applied to the family¡¢To teach¡¢Health¡¢Business areas such as floor and walls,By zaha ¡¤ Hadid¡¢Cui Kai¡¢Ma¡¢Yin pose¡¢Willow spring¡¢Such as design master zhu's favor¡£¡°Wedo¡±Marketing operations¡£With Shanghai as the center,Consists of north China branch¡¢South China branch¡¢Southwest branch¡£¡°Wedo¡±Production operations¡£In qidong, jiangsu province,Set up the covers2Square meters£¬With modern production equipment£¬Annual production capacity is up to2Ten thousand tons of production base¡£"Wedo¡±Adhering to the enterprise¡°The good faith¡±¡¢¡°Innovation¡±¡¢¡°Gratitude¡±¡¢¡°Harmony¡±The enterprise culture£¬With technology as the core¡¢Environmental protection as the guidance¡¢Quality strives for the development of the business philosophy to win the recognition and trust of customers¡£

Dimensions of chemical industry
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Green Huang Puhai pearl

The people's bank of China credit reporting center£¨A period£©

Fudan university physics building jiangwan new campus

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